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cause it´s abnormal Pop Song
i mecht aussteign Classic Rock Song
we escaped General Rock Song
spooky happy-end w/flowers Miscellaneous Song
the elefant-man prologue Miscellaneous Song
look at this all again (short) Miscellaneous Song
i never would sing here Classical Song
requiem for supermen Miscellaneous Song
don´t ask me why Miscellaneous Song
the singer (short version) Pop Song
it´s true you´re gone Pop Song
you will leave me today Pop Song
limelight (holynight) Classical Song
wish i was there Pop Song
lost in mood Classical Song
nobody else General Rock Song
can´t you stop General Rock Song
when the pain closed my door Indie Song
that is what´s to say Indie Song
the whale Pop Song
wenn i amoi Classic Rock Song
the inspiration´s getting wild Indie Song
they come to kill them Indie Song
son, sail us home Indie Song
sun+moon+stars Pop Song
vaterland-kraterland Classic Rock Song
another day has gone Pop Song
heroes(scotland free again) Pop Song
you are ... Pop Song
the elefant man Indie Song
girl i don´t worry Indie Song
will we share a certain time Indie Song
in the park Classical Song