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Entry #1

1 year NG

2009-04-04 07:30:49 by a-rest

Thank you all
and thanx to NG


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2009-05-05 13:32:15

Your music is kick ass! I love the whale, but it says your female, so whos singing?

(Updated ) a-rest responds:

thanx for your comment, and let me explain:
we are german, and a-rest is a band-name.
in germany a band is female, it´s called " die Band".
so I clicked "female" as I was asked.
a little joke, but you are right, indeed we are male.
and as we are to the confessions: formerly we had a band of 7 people,
with a long name beginning with "a", then there were only two resting:
my brother and me, so the name of the band was clear: the rest of a, shortly "a-rest".


2009-06-23 20:11:55

Happy one year! Sorry I'm late!

Your music is absolutely enchanting. I can't wait to hear more :D


2010-01-28 14:52:24

really? a-rest is a band? why can't I find you on google?